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Links to friends and photographers who inspire me...



Chris is a longtime friend of mine and has been kindly teaching me the ins and outs of photography from the first time I picked up a camera. He is a meticulous and very professional photographer who does wonderful studio portraits as well as weddings and natural light shots.

Patrick Langwallner

Patrick is also a longtime friend and has inspired my desire to seek out interesting details and angles when wandering the streets with my camera. He has an amazing eye for finding great natural light wherever he goes. His street photography and "everyday" shots, along with his portraits are my favourite areas of his work.



I discovered Chris Orwig through his latest book "Authentic Portraits". He has an amazingly philosophical view on photography and on life in general. Not only that, his portraits are very much the style I have been trying to capture when photographing people. He also shoots almost entirely natural light and has a way of bringing out honesty and true character in his subjects.



I first saw Alan Schaller's street photography pictures on Instagram. They caught my eye because of his high contrast, often quite dramatic, black and white style. He has a fantastic sense for composition and framing, added to that his knack for timing and a little bit of street shot quirkiness and you have a collection of images that would be appealing to almost everyone.



Marc is an amazing wildlife photographer who has notched up many trips to Africa and other exotic corners of the world. His shots are stunning, sometimes almost cinematic in nature, and he places a huge emphasis on conservation issues as a part of his work.



One of my most prized possessions is a signed Danny Clinch limited print of one my musical idols, Eddie Vedder. Danny is a filmmaker and photographer who has been a part of the U.S. music scene for a long time. He has had behind-the-scenes access to some of the world's biggest artists for many years. You can tell from his documentary-style shots and also his portraits, that there is always a mutual respect between him and his subjects.



Simply put, Ken Duncan has been Australia's leading landscape photographer for about the last 40 years. He has travelled not only every corner of Australia but also internationally to capture stunning shots of landscapes. I remember hearing him in an interview saying that for one shot he had camped out for two weeks in the same spot, waiting for the right light and the right moment.



Another photographer I discovered on Instagram. He does amazing landscape shots incorporating drones equipped with LED lights, and uses long exposure to paint in the sky. A bit hard to describe, but well worth checking out.



Siegrid has been a good friend of my wife and I for a long time now. She has a very distinctive photographic style, and I would add, distinctly feminine. Her natural light portrait shots are simply inspirational, and she has a way of getting her subjects to relax and just be themselves, something that is essential in good portrait photography. I'm very grateful for all that I've learned from Siegrid.

Sebastian Mittermeier

I met Sebastian at a photography workshop held by our mutual friend, Patrick Langwallner, in Salzburg a few years ago. Apart from being an easy-going chilled dude, he's an amazing photographer. He's incredibly versatile, shooting everything from outdoor sports campaigns to editorial lifestyle and I particularly love his portrait shots. His website is definitely worth a look.



Simply one of the greatest of all time. There's not much more to say about Steve McCurry, he has been everywhere and done everything. He has risked his life in war zones, captured cultures the world over, and shot the most iconic National Geographic image ever. His body of work is unparalleled in scope, and to this day still relevant, evocative, informative and artistic all at the same time.



I first saw Ben Thouard's shots after he won the Red Bull Illume photography contest a few years ago. His ocean photography and surfing shots are simply stunning, capturing the energy and movement of the ocean perfectly. He is from Tahiti and seems to capture the isolation of being in the middle of the South Pacific on a small group of volcanic islands perfectly. His impeccable sense of form and composition only add to the tension in his pictures.