-hillypix- Photography

By Anthony Hill

I am a self-taught photographer originally from Newcastle, Australia, and I have been living in Salzburg, Austria, for almost 20 years now. I took up photography in about 2011, shortly after my daughter was born. My goal was simply to learn to capture some nice family photos, but the fascination just grew from there. My hobby of photography continues to intrigue me the further I dive into it. I am currently working on refining my natural light portrait style, and I also enjoy regularly wandering with my camera capturing everyday street scenes, as well as landscape and travel photography.

I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Photo by Patrick Langwallner (patrese.at)

"It's as though there's a wonderful secret in a certain place and I can capture it.

Only I, at this moment, can capture it, and only this moment and only me."

-- Walker Evans

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